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News Announcement

[24 Sep 2021]

  1. Ion Torrent Workshop on 6 Oct 2021.  
  2. Flow Cytometry Workshop Series on 5-6 Oct 2021.
    • Introduction to Flow Cytometry and BD Instruments
    • A Practical to Basic Flow Cytometry



Submission of NEW Biosafety Questionnaires for performing LIVE/FIXED samples in Core Lab:

  1. Microscopy & Imaging Core
  2. Bio-fabrication Core
  3. Histology Core
  4. Flow Cytometry Core
  5. Molecular Biology Core


SBS Website

Individual Core trailers are now on the SBS website under Research > State-of-the-art-research facilities or visit SBS Core YouTube channel. Go check it out!


Temporary Service Suspension:

  • Proteomics Core 02 - Bruker UltrafleXtreme MALDI TOF TOF mass spectrometer until further notice.



1. All users are compulsory to fill in our Biosafety Questionnaire prior to access to Core facilities for evaluation and approval.

2. Bookings for non-SBS CUHK end users, please do the followings:

  • Submit your booking request to the relevant core staff by email;
  • Specify the equipment name, date, and time of booking and wait for their confirmation;
  • Submit your Health Declaration Form -: at least 3 days before your requested date for access approval.

3. Wear surgical mask at all times when working in Core Lab.

4. Core staff reserve the rights to decline any users from entering Core Lab.