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News Announcement

[Microscopy & Imaging Core]

  • Laser Alignment of Olympus FV1200 Confocal Microscope will be conducted on 5 Dec 2023.  Service will resume on 6 Dec 2023.  
  • Minor work will be performed in Room 108B/C from 27 Nov - 8 Dec 2023. 


[Common Research Core]

Demonstration of Thermo Fisher - iBright FL1500 Imaging System at CRC on 10 Nov 2023 (Fri) from 15:30 - 17:00.


[Histology Core]

Demonstration of Sakura Histo-Tek SSP Mini Slide Printer and Epredia SlideMate Pro thermal transfer microscope slide printer (until end of Dec 2023).  Please give it a try!



Submission of NEW Biosafety Questionnaires for performing LIVE/FIXED Samples in Core Lab:

  1. Microscopy & Imaging Core
  2. Advanced Microscopy - Scientifica Multiphoton System
  3. Bio-Mechanics Core
  4. Histology Core
  5. Flow Cytometry Core
  6. Common Research Core



[Training schedules]


[SBS Core website]

Individual Core trailers are now on the SBS website under Research > State-of-the-art-research facilities or visit SBS Core YouTube channel. Go check it out! [updated on Jul 2023]